Tuesday, April 19, 2005

peek-a-boo Posted by Hello

Makaela pays the bills.... Posted by Hello

....and then eats the mail Posted by Hello

she loves to put the doggie's nose in her mouth. This was a gift from Julie and Mark. Thanks guys! Posted by Hello

she laughs Posted by Hello

bug-eyed sunglasses Posted by Hello

Makala ate rice cereal last night for the first time...she hated it and made many faces of displeasure! Yuck. Posted by Hello

cutie Posted by Hello

mommy and Makaela at the Beach the first time! Posted by Hello

Makaela's first time in the water. She was a little scared, and fussed a bit, but didn't cry. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Day at the Beach. Sean and I took turns going in the water. Posted by Hello

I love this picture because it shows how restless her little arms are as she learns to move them about. Posted by Hello

he he he Posted by Hello

sleeping like a baby...whatever that means! Posted by Hello

Sean puts Makaela to sleep almost every night! She's now sleeping an uninterupted 10 to 12 hours!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Makaela loves listening to Sean play his guitar, she calms down and listens quietly. She loves to hear me sing to her too. Posted by Hello

look at those eyes! Posted by Hello

I'll get your nose Posted by Hello

Hawai'i is the Rainbow State Posted by Hello

Makaela touched a dog for the first time yesterday. The dog licked her face and she smiled. Posted by Hello

Makaela loves looking at the fish...their names are "Tang" and "Black Beauty", I'm sure you can figure out why. Posted by Hello

Makaela's learned to rub her eyes Posted by Hello

She's a little angel Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

She finally has her own room, it's coming along. Posted by Hello

So curious Posted by Hello