Saturday, May 27, 2006

She fits in here snug like a bonsai baby
Mommy and Makaela play in the sand at the museum
Daddy and Makaela play with the robots at the museum.
At the OMSI 'robot museum' Makaela sizes this one up. She was frightened by some of the robots that moved.
Makaela and I went to a great, all wood play structure called the "Imagination Station".

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Makaela checks on the sun tea. We had a BBQ with a couple of friends and the whole neighborhood of kids came over and hung out on our lawn. Makaela was pretty entertained. Then we played a three games of dodge ball - kids versus adults - Despite all the beer, we still won two out of three games. Yay for adults, but I still wish I was a kid again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cutie Pie. Will she ever get those two bottom teeth?
Wow! Makaela is actually old enough to go on a kiddie ride?!!! She didn't know what to think at first, but after a few circles she realized how fun it was.
At Oaks Park on the carousel ride. She rode a chicken!
Sean and Makaela near the Sellwood Bridge in south east Portland.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Here's the kids area at a neighborhood coffee shop on Woodstock near our house. Alot of restaurants in Portland provide a box of kids toys and a designated kids area! It's great.
I have my apple and my car and I'm ready to go!
yummy apple
oooo, what's that up there? It was a big statue.
Exploring downtown Portland
We've become members of the Portland Children's Museum! It is so fun...and it provides a nice break for mommy. We'll probably go at least once a week.
At the puppet show...Makaela was just wandering around the whole time, talking up to the puppets and having fun. Here she is standing in front of everybody staring up at the puppets.
a fun place to play with leggos
Playing the xylophone
crazy hair
Excuse me while I brush my teeth and go plug in the phone cord...
Here we are on the slide at the Earth Day festival
In our great big back yard at our home in Portland. This garden is our neighbor's, but Makaela love looking at and picking the flowers! oops
Makaela hides the clay from Greg.
"I told him not to call me any more!"
My little bunny
Cute picture
Makaela's a little scared of the bunny
Makaela gets a kick out of the bunny painting
The family
Grandma and miss Makaela at the hunt
At the annual easter egg hunt at Moraga Commons. Makaela is very interested in the candy that's inside the eggs.
lounging on the swings after a hard day searching for eggs
Cutie pie
taking a stroll out side of my parent's house in Moraga, California
getting dirty means having fun
Daddy and Makaela spend time at the park after having been apart from each other for two whole weeks!