Thursday, June 22, 2006

At the Portland Rose Garden, Makaela smells the roses
Makaela helps mommy make some coffee cake. We make a mess of flour and sugar.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Makaela and Cat at the Willamette River, Portland, Oregon.
Mommy and Makaela in the kitchen, with Makaela's pillow slumped on the floor beside her.
little hands on a modernistic mouse. Click, click, click.
Makaela snuggles with her favorite thing in the world...her pillow.
little hands enjoy play-doughy goodness.
Makaela loves that play-dough...and we love to dig it from the carpet!
Sean's experiments with the camera
Spontaneous Family Portrait
Makaela has a moment of laughter
Daddy does an amazing stunt with Makaela. I swear she's going to grow up and want to run away and join the circus with all the tumbling and tossing we do with her...and to her, as in this picture.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Daddy and Makaela stand at the edge of a small bridge over the river. This is during our trip to Mt. Hood.
The Iron elk observes Makaela
Makaela observes an iron elk
On our way to Mt. Hood we take a walk in a parking lot. The wind is very strong here.
The Russian bell doll and Makaela have a moment of clarity.
Makaela goes out to see what daddy is doing. He's fixing our neighbor's outside bench.
Daddy performs a splendid balancing act. Makaela stands poised with laughter.
At home playing "Taboo" with some friends.
Mommy, can I have a beer? Pleeeease!
At the rose festival, hanging out in a wagon.
Daddy reads a bedtime story.
At the Rose Festival Parade. I bought this weird blue unicorn that sqeaks.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In front of the saloon!
Perhaps this is closer to Makaela's world view
Mommy can I play in here?
Sitting on an iron dog in motion

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ha ha ha ha
Makaela and Lara at the MT. Tabor Park
cutie pie
Heath's sun glasses!
You should have seen her when she was done in the mud! Messy! Good thing we had a change of clothes!
playing in the dirt
Hey you caught me playing with the computer cords