Monday, May 26, 2008

This is the day we moved to our new place in Vancouver, Washington. We dropped the kids off with a friend and moved our things up to our wonderful new house in downtown Vancouver. The city has alot of growing up to do, but as I always say..."i'm rooting for Vancouver". Eventually, one day, it will be the cool city next to Portland. Right now, it's in need of neat shops, not empty store fronts. But they say, that in 5 years, this place will be booming, and I believe it.

Here the crabs sit with us in the U-haul on our way up to Vancouver, the day of our move. They were our sole companion on this crazy long day of ten hours moving and being away from our kids (thankyou Corry for watching them, I still owe you 3 babysitting gigs). During our moving day we picked up a washer and dryer and a pool table! It was worth it though. Now we have a fully fenced yard around our house, we can walk to four parks, a pool and a water play area, we have room to grow veggies and flowers. Isaac and Makaela are sleeping in the same room and most of the time "through the night", and Isaac is weaned! Sean has his turntables set up downstairs in the basement, as well as all of our play bikes and kids art supplies. All in All I think our family is much happier here. The kids took a few days to get used to the idea of playing outside multiple times a day. At the apartment, we'd have to plan our trip to the back yard because we had to walk around the entire apartment complex, but now we can just step outside into our own yard. And for us, this is something that the kids have needed for a long time, especially with summer approaching.
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