Tuesday, February 02, 2010

She made it! We all did, luckily. Jacquelyn Cecilia Cannon was born on January 20th at 6:47 in the morning

Let's make a long story short:
5:00 am - I had my first contraction
5:15 am - I get out of bed and start packing my hospital bag, wondering why I waited until now.
6:00 am - "It's time" I said to Sean as I woke him up (I've always wanted to say that because that's what they always say in the movies, and this was my last chance xxno more babiesxx)
6:01 Sean enters the shower after being a little bit frantic
6:10 I call my brother Kip to come up and be with the kids when they wake up
6:25 Kip arrives, wow that was fast
6:30 My water breaks on the kitchen floor
6:35 Sean helps me into the car
6:36 I put the seat back and proceed to be in pain
6:37 Sean calls 911 to ask the police to call and notify the hospital for us
6:46 We exit the freeway and have only about 5 blocks to go until we reach the hospital
6:46 and a 1/2 between two harrowing contractions I pull my sweat pants down because I'm pretty sure she's crowning, although Sean keeps saying, "it's okay, just, just breath", and then when my pants come off he says "no, Cat, we're almost there, we can make it"
6:47 She is born onto the seat and we are stunned, I can hear sean's voice ringing over and over again with a frantic but controlled "oh my Lord, oh my Lord", I check that she's breathing and wrap her up in my pants. It's over, I am so happy at this point! I'm laughing with joy as we pull into the emergency entrance.

When the nurse opens the door she quickly realizes that the baby has already been born and says, "Okay, baby's in the car, change of plans, get a stretcher (they had brought out a wheel chair).

There were 10 people out there waiting and watching as one petit nurse climbs into the car, straddles me and Jacquelyn and she assists in Sean cutting the cord. Then they help us onto the stretcher and up to the room.

It's over, we made it, and we couldn't be more happy about the way that it turned out. Having given birth in the hospital twice already, I can honestly say that as unexpected as it was, I was actually happier to give birth in the car than in the bright, noisy, emotionless hospital. It was quite an experience! And I would do it over again if I had to. Jacquelyn Cecilia Cannon is amazing, and beautiful and fits right in. She somehow makes our family complete. Welcome to the world Jackie.
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