Friday, August 17, 2012

Here we are at New Season's Market, the "friendliest store in town" which is actually true.  I love that place. It's like a sanctuary for me.  First stop when I get to the store...even tho it's at the very back is a sixteen ounce of their freshly brewed Matte tea and I'm ready for an hour long shopping even with hyper kids.

           "Make a weird face Makaela"  She knows how to raise one eye brow just like her daddy!
                                                              Jacquelin, Jackie or Jax.
                                                   Loving the raspberries from our own yard
                                                       "See mommy? A cat"

 I have a hard time getting Jax out of her swim suite even if it's sandy.  She loves it so much!
                                                        Naked baby caught eating watermelon.
                                      That's me...Cat.  happy to be in California on vacation this summer.
 A friend asked me "did you get around this summer while you were in California?" wink wink.  "yeah" I said "on a bike!"  Here I am catching the BART to SF to stay with my sister for a night.  Potrero hill is very steep!  Man I rode a bunch everyday and it felt great

                             Visiting Isaac Hee at his bakery "Arizmendi" in San Francisco.

freaking cute is all I can say.  Little are amazing.